Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Market 2015-2020

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The MOOC’s market is exhibiting great potential to grow exponentially over the next few years. In 2015, the technology is poised to see substantial uptake due to the growing number of connected devices, high enrollment rates in MOOCs, the increasing acceptance of MOOCs based training in enterprises around the globe and the increasing demand for low cost, high quality and globalized education.

Consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearable gadgets and eReaders are currently enjoying high adoption rates across the globe. With the ever increasing number of connected devices, MOOCs has the potential to disrupt higher education through widespread uptake of distance learning.

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Balance in Life

SunsetChange. It is the constant in life. Adapting to change is the key to living a happy life.

Living simply. For me it is the key to life.

Why? Because it frees up your mind to do the things you really love and stop worrying about the rat race.

Death. Inevitable. So live life like there is no tomorrow. Don’t covet things – treasure your family and friends.


Media: Why should we care?

vanessajanuary102015As a citizen of the 21st century we HAVE to care about the media we are consuming and supporting. Why? Because no longer are the stories and items vetted through a reputable news agency. In fact even the reputable news agencies need their own watchdogs.

So as a citizen today we have to be able to determine if our news and information is true. Has it been checked? Do they know what they are talking about? Has it been researched? Even after these things you still have to be wary of what you read and believe because everyone has an agenda.

I’ve taken a long break from this site and my other internet related business for almost 6 years. And although I haven’t been writing or publishing, I have been connected. But for the past 1 and 1/2 years I’ve been helping take care of my parents. However, I’m back – I’m back on the web — I’m getting motivated to publish/produce several of my projects that have been on the back burner.

So hello – if anyone is out there reading this then tell me what you want to hear about. If not I’m just going to start writing and let you know what I think, 🙂


Stellarium: Must Have for Teachers & Learners

We all love to look up to ponder the stars and now there is a FREE open source software to help you see a realistic sky in 3D on your computer. Stellarium is described as a “planetarium for your computer”. You can download the software free at

Some of the features include: – over 120,000 stars from the Hipparcos catalogue with info – asterisms and illustrations of the constellations – – images of nebulae – realistic Milky Way – very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset – the planets and their satellites – a powerful zoom – time control – multilingual interface – scripting to record and play your own shows – fisheye projection for planetarium domes – spheric mirror projection for your own dome – graphical interface and extensive keyboard control – equatorial and azimuthal grids – star twinkling – shooting stars – eclipse simulation – skinnable landscapes, now with spheric panorama projection – add your own deep sky objects, landscapes, constellation images, scripts…

Get your FREE copy today—



Reading, Writing, & Research in the Digital Age

Another great resource from Pew Internet

School Library Journal’s Leadership Summit 2011, Director Lee Rainie looked at the “state of reading” in the digital age by going through Pew Internet data about how teens use the internet, smartphones, and social networking sites. He argued that reading is now 1) raw material for further creation; 2) real-time in the mobile age; 3) a “social contact sport” as teens share reading and other media and learn from them.

Reading, Writing, & Research in the Digital Age