Useful Gadgets

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t have a USB wall adapter to charge your phone. I know my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 needs to be charged constantly so I’m always looking for an outlet and don’t always have an adapter with me. So one of the least expensive and most useful gadget I put around the house has been the wall mounted outlet that includes USB ports. Yes, I know this is a first world problem but I’m all about making my life easier with technology.And following that philosophy why not just have them directly delivered to your front door from Amazon. So you not only save a little money, you get to easily add a convenience to your home.


Change is Good

Sometimes the things we can’t change, end up, changing us. It is time to wake up, show up, and speak up! Call a spade, a spade. To call a spade a spade or call a spade a shovel is a figurative expression which refers to explicitly calling something as it is, by its right name. The implication is that one tells the truth about the nature of the thing, speaking frankly and directly about it, including subjects, even if coarse, or considered impolite or unpleasant.

Share this image, get involved, recognize propaganda, fascism,  corruption, authoritarianism, and censorship. This is our country and make sure you call people out on their intolerance, racism, and judgemental attitudes.