What I’m Reading

Found a great site anyone interested in the latest greatest technology gadgets, it’s called, TheNextWeb.com (TNW). It was founded 10 years ago in 2006, the founders Boris and Patrick were looking for a tech event to showcase their new startup. When they couldn’t find one to meet their needs they decided to host their own. As they were organizing things, they soon realized they needed somewhere to promote the conference, and that’s how thenextweb.com (TNW) was launched. Makes perfect sense to me, I’ve done this several times.

What I find most interesting about TNW is it is a future-proof tech media company focusing on a cross-generational group and helps them get the most out of technology by informing them through stories and insights, and by bringing them together through events and workspaces. It takes a glimpse to how technology is influencing our lives and social interactions. Gotta love people who are on the bleeding edge, I know I do.