HBO Cuts the Cord – 2015 Trends

frog-152633Which industry, cable or phone, would make internet available to the home first? This was a question I asked 18 years ago at a technology conference in San Diego. My opinion was “cable” would make internet available in the home first because back then they had better customer service so extending/offering internet would be the logical next step.

Now, the next step is drilling down deeper. The consumers want choice – we don’t want 500 channels with only 15 that we really are interested in watching. I got rid of cable several years ago — I haven’t missed it much. I have an antenna so I can get my local channels. I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. I would consider subscribing to HBO but I would much rather subscribe to HGTV or the History channel. But it is good to see HBO cutting the cable cord. I think they see the market changing. Lets be honest, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are game changers, there has been a paradigm shift, they are what we like to call “disruptive” technologies/services. The way people consume information and entertainment has fundamentally changed.

We live in an exciting time — often it happens and people don’t even realize it. One thing I do appreciate though is our world is changing and in spite of the turmoil in our world there are so many cool things to be positive about. Lets keep looking forward without forgetting the real meaning of life and all that we have in the end – love.

Okay, yes, that took a weird turn but its true. So in the end it is all connected.

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