Time Management Key to Productivity for Virtual Work

As someone who’s worked at a distance or virtually for over a decade I’m always looking for productivity tools. Over the years I’ve found a few helpful applications over the years but nothing has stuck besides my white board and notebook for daily lists, until now!

I’m happy to say I’ve found a tool that works on autopilot, like a timer sitting on your desktop looking tracking what you do on your computer and where you go, noting where you spend your time. The you assign a level to each of those activities within the system with reference to productivity. So if you’re job/business requires you use Twitter to network then you can assign a higher level to this tool. If you use a specific site for your productivity then you personalize the quality of the application to your business productivity.

So how is this helpful? Because at the end of the day you are able to review where you’ve spent your time. It gives you the big picture and gives you an opportunity to change your habits. So if you’re spending too much time on shopping online then you’ll know.

Some might be thinking this is great for individuals but what if a company wanted to monitor me using this type of tool. Yes, I would say a tool like this is somewhat big brotherish but for individuals in my humble opinion it isn’t an issue. And I tend to agree if a company required me to use and they were monitoring it then it would feel a bit invasive. But if I felt the company couldn’t use it against me then I might be more open to it. Or if they provided it to me as a self improvement productivity tool then I would be more open to using it. But my opinion on companies using it is still being formed so I don’t have a final opinion. And as I learn more about their enterprise edition I’ll let you know my thoughts. But in the meantime I’m excited about the power of the tool for personal use and the opportunity it gives me to manage my time.

So check out TimeCamp and take back control of your time!

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