Can’t Sleep, Tired, Thoughts About Gustav

OK, to be clear, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to be. I came home to Louisiana a week ago to help my parents after my mother fell and fractured the second vertebra in her neck. I flew into New Orleans a week ago worrying about the hurricane and have watched things over the past week. And although we are 3.5 hours north of New Orleans I’m not excited about weathering the storm.

Deville is on the projected path of the hurricane, by the time Gustav reaches here it should ‘only’ be a category 1 – but we are on the East side of the eye within the inner circle according to the computer generated maps.

We’ve prepared for the worst, we have supplies, water, generator, etc. But again, I would not be here if my parents would leave, I would prefer to drive to Houston to stay with my Uncle — but my father will not go. So I’m here, I’m weathering the storm, I’m charging all my tech tools, my video camera, my computer, etc but if the power goes out I’m not connecting my computer to the generator! But if it goes out then I doubt we’ll have internet anyway. I have taken some pictures and will go out tomorrow to do some filming around the area.

The weather has been sunny and as always hot and muggy. The love bugs have come out in swarms, today when I was getting gas I had to keep swatting them from around my face!

I guess I shouldn’t worry so much because it could turn, miss us completely or just loose strength – lets hope one of those things happens. And 3 years ago during Katrina this area wasn’t affected much other than a short power outage and lots of debris in the area. So I’m hoping Gustav doesn’t do much more than Katrina – but in this situation you have to be prepared as a good Girl Scout should be ;)….

So, I’m here, helping my parents, trying to make the best out of a bad situation! And as always since using technology to publish, communicate, and do whatever I can to help.

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