Sites of the Day: SecretBuilders and High Vibe It

If you watch the news then you get all the negative economic information, the unemployment rate is going up – some predicting we’ll get to 10% – but remember that means 90% of people have jobs! That is an important thing to remember in our trying times and I’ve found a site that you’ll want to visit to read about good news.

High Vibe It is a site allowing readers, i.e., community members to submit positive, good feel, articles that are reviewed by the community and promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. It is a “Digg” application for articles instead of links.

The second site of the day is SecretBuilders. This virtual world was developed by educators and parents for children 5 to 14 years. Through this site children can explore virtual lands, undertake quests, play games, maintain a home, nurture a pet, and interact with their friends. The feature that stands out is that the children can publish their works, so their drawings, writings, and videos can be shared with family and friends. Go create a FREE account today.

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15 Signs You Might be a Geek!

Happy Thanksgiving – now read on to see if you’re a geek!

  1. You might be a geek if yoiamgeeku’d rather tweet on twitter than have a conversation with someone across the room.
  2. You might be a geek if you tweet that you’ve fallen and bumped your head instead of telling someone in the next room.
  3. You might be a geek if you take pictures of your food to share with your friends online!
  4. You might be a geek if your friends call you to fix their computer and you can.
  5. You might be a geek if you sleep with your laptop or PDA/Phone next to you in bed.
  6. You might be a geek if you know that PHP and tweet are not drugs.
  7. You might be a geek if you collect web site domains.
  8. You might be a geek if you would prefer to spend a Saturday night watching your 52″ LCD HDTV rather than going out with your buddies.
  9. You might be a geek if you have worked with people you’ve never met or that are in times zones with over a 3 hour difference.
  10. You might be a geek if you’ve never met your clients face-to-face.
  11. You might be a geek if you’ve ever had a conference call in your pajamas or from bed on your laptop.
  12. You might be a geek if you have a cell phone or PDA, no land line, and can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t do the same thing.
  13. You might be a geek if you have a photo stream of pictures of your life on Flickr.
  14. You might be a geek if you know where all the wi-fi hot spots are in your home town and most airports and/or know where to find a list of them online.
  15. You might be a geek if you can work from any where in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Happy Geeking! 🙂 Remember it is a lifestyle, not a job!



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Site of the Day: Addictionary

If you love words and being creative then this is a great community site where you’ll feel at home. If you’ve got a word you’d like to share then create an account and submit it. You’ll get some immediate feedback confirming you’re really creative or not.

I recently joined the site and submitted a word I made up about someone who spams your Twitter stream with spam links and other nonsense, I call them a Spwitter!

So take a break to have some word fun, visit today!

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Links of the Day

I share links all the time on Twitter so thought I should make it a daily post on the site. And since this is the first post I’m going to include many of the sites I tweeted over the past couple of weeks — hope you enjoy.
TidyFavorites describes itself as “the next–generation program that makes working with bookmarks safer, faster and easier”.

Features include: Find websites instantly by viewing easy-to-recognize thumbnail images

– Open, copy, delete and update bookmarks in a single click
– Drag and drop to resize and rearrange bookmark thumbnails
– Add temporary links to a “stack” keeping your Tidy Favorites looking tidy
– Search through any website in seconds using a Command Line
– Use the same list of bookmarks in every browser – IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.

What a Lovely Name
What A Lovely Name helps you find the perfect name for your baby. You can browse by tradition, or personality trait, or even check out what celebrities are naming their children (these can be names to choose or to avoid as you see fit).

Easily “embed” pictures, logos, and videos in your videos!
Highlight what u share on the web:
You can highlight web snippets & tweet them.

SocialToo compliments your social experience by providing you with all the tools you need to get the most you can from those you follow on the web. We’re automating the processes needed to make this experience as easy as possible, and providing you with tools to reach your audience to its fullest potential.

iStylr, an online application enabling you to \create, edit and share tableless CSS designs online.

WePapers helps students and others share and expand their knowledge. You can find and download the papers and documents you need in a matter of seconds, discuss them with others, or just mess around. helps learners connect with teachers. They describe the site as “a dating service in education”. It is also a place where you can learn from each other, i.e., a bit of a educational barter, in you teach me this and I’ll teach you that.

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A Good Laugh; Luv Stephen Colbert

Twitter became mainstream when CNN started using it on air to get feedback from their viewers. And of course we know it’s made it when Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart make it funny! Next we’ll see it on Saturday Night Live — I luv it when Stephen say’s Tweet.

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Everyday Moments: Mom’s Lemon Pie Recipe

OK, if you thought this would be a story about the great moments I’ve shared making pies with my mother. Well, not today. And although we spent the afternoon making two pies it wasn’t a “Rockwell” moment, but it is a great memory. We had a rough start, from my mom giving my dad ‘orders’ on which ingredients to measure out, to her getting frustrated over the temperature of the electric stove. (Gosh I hate electric stoves, gas is so much easier to use!)

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Gustav Packed a Punch and I have Pictures

We didn’t get much damage from hurricane Gustav but we were lucky. We do have piles and piles of broken trees and limbs, there were frayed nerves, restless children, and wet dogs but everyone is OK. No one I know lost their homes although several have holes in their roofs they are all healthy.

Yes, life hasn’t gotten back to normal yet, there are people who still don’t have power, my uncle near Bunkie Louisiana is still running his generator but they didn’t have any damage to their home so they are getting along. Power has flickered several times since it came back on Weds night and the internet was down for longer but we are OK.

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Family: Life, Crossroads, and Obligations

I know I’m not the first one to deal with parents getting older. But since I’m the youngest in the family I didn’t figure the responsibility would fall only on my shoulders. And really I can’t complain, both my parents have been healthy and active until just this past year. It started the Friday before Christmas of last year when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes, the dreaded “C” word — we were all upset and bracing for the worst. But as it worked out the cancer was caught early enough so they were able to remove it and she recovered.

But this just isn’t her year, she took a fall and fractured her pelvis is April, a week after she started bowling again. Then as she was almost recovered from the pelvic fracture and getting back on her feet – she took another fall this past Tuesday, fracturing a vertebra in her neck. Damn, when it rains it pours – but they say things come in 3’s so this should be it.

I’m going to remain positive but this is difficult for my mom, she is an active person, before all this started she did more than me. Please keep my family in your prayers. I’m leaving for Louisiana next Saturday – I’ll keep you posted on the journey. Thanks for reading —

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Can’t Sleep, Tired, Thoughts About Gustav

OK, to be clear, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to be. I came home to Louisiana a week ago to help my parents after my mother fell and fractured the second vertebra in her neck. I flew into New Orleans a week ago worrying about the hurricane and have watched things over the past week. And although we are 3.5 hours north of New Orleans I’m not excited about weathering the storm.

Deville is on the projected path of the hurricane, by the time Gustav reaches here it should ‘only’ be a category 1 – but we are on the East side of the eye within the inner circle according to the computer generated maps.

We’ve prepared for the worst, we have supplies, water, generator, etc. But again, I would not be here if my parents would leave, I would prefer to drive to Houston to stay with my Uncle — but my father will not go. So I’m here, I’m weathering the storm, I’m charging all my tech tools, my video camera, my computer, etc but if the power goes out I’m not connecting my computer to the generator! But if it goes out then I doubt we’ll have internet anyway. I have taken some pictures and will go out tomorrow to do some filming around the area.

The weather has been sunny and as always hot and muggy. The love bugs have come out in swarms, today when I was getting gas I had to keep swatting them from around my face!

I guess I shouldn’t worry so much because it could turn, miss us completely or just loose strength – lets hope one of those things happens. And 3 years ago during Katrina this area wasn’t affected much other than a short power outage and lots of debris in the area. So I’m hoping Gustav doesn’t do much more than Katrina – but in this situation you have to be prepared as a good Girl Scout should be ;)….

So, I’m here, helping my parents, trying to make the best out of a bad situation! And as always since using technology to publish, communicate, and do whatever I can to help.

Links of interest:
MyUrbanTV from New Orleans

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