Beware eCollege Interface is Old School

From an instructor/user perspective I wouldn’t bet on eCollege—after seeing the system again after several years not much has changed. It looks like it did when it started. My experience comes from using the system in the beginning with a previous client then again when I was going to teach using the system but because I couldn’t stand to use the system I decided not to teach the courses because I dreaded logging into the system because it was so hard to use. And with more and more tech savvy students coming online they aren’t going to go for this kind of system either. So unless eCollege intends to update/upgrade their software I would say they are old news—but then again, once a university gets locked into a system that isn’t upgrading or growing then they are stuck too. So this is a suggestion for all those late to the game—review your options and if I were giving my advice—eCollege wouldn’t be on the short list.

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