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I can build and design any kind of site you want. My challenge has been to make money from the sites.  Lots of good ideas etc but as noted several times on this site and others, there are sites that aren’t very attractive or built with the latest/greatest technology who are making money. So what are the tricks?

I’ve decided to delve into the subject and found a couple resources I thought others might be interested in reading:
New Study: Biggest Internet Marketers Rate Best & Worst Tactics of 2005 + Reveal 2006 Plans

MarketingSherpa Publishes 4th Annual Wisdom Report: 110 Real-life Marketing Stories from Readers

Behind-the-Scenes at Google AdWords 2.6—Why are some Google advertisers complianing?

Pew Internet & American Life Project

If you have any other sites you’ve found useful—please share.

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